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Accelerating the Velocity of MoneySM

“Given the magnitude of the challenges facing the global economy, there must be massive deployment of investment capital towards sustainable business growth and development.”

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To Create and ProtectSM

“Fostering collaboration, communication, innovation and productivity throughout the products and processes of our firm, we strive to generate great breadth and depth in our relationships and investment practices.”

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Powered by Human CapitalSM

“The relationships and ideas generated by individuals across the capital markets can not be commoditized. These are the highly valued “supply chain” of great financial institutions and must be cherished.”

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Honor in the Capital MarketsSM

“With heightened collaboration and transparency in the capital markets, trust and confidence can be rebuilt so that we can leverage the best heritage of capitalism towards global prosperity.”

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    Our Services

    The Cornerstone Capital Group is among the world’s leading voices in the field of sustainable investing and finance. Together, our Board of Directors, our Staff, and our Global Advisory Council represent leading experts from across the world, and across disciplines within the capital markets. Collectively, this enhances the capabilities of Cornerstone Capital Inc. to deliver a broad range of services in the field of finance. We specialize in serving companies and investors seeking to systematically incorporate and articulate sustainability into their products and service offerings. We define corporate excellence as “the relentless pursuit of material progress towards a more regenerative and inclusive economy.”

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    We cover the capital markets

    Original research and analysis on timely and relevant issues. We convene experts and executives from across functions of the global capital market.

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    We offer unique investment research

    Flagship global thematic research and equity strategy, plus our innovative online Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking.


    We advise companies and investors

    We offer business and investment strategies, and capital introductions for sustainable growth and excellence. We are an SEC registered investment advisor.

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    We connect thought leaders

    Access the right experts for more informed decisions. Collaborate across the disciplines of finance.

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