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Cornerstone’s Karp Addresses UN General Assembly: “Trust, Transparency, Entrepreneurship & Corporate Legacy”

Karp at UN Global Compact +

Cornerstone Capital Group’s Founder and CEO Erika Karp today delivered an address at the UN General Assembly representing the “voice of global investors in the capital markets” before leaders from across the public and private sector gathered at the United Nations’ Global Compact + 15 plenary event, “Business as a Force for Good.” Marking the UN Global Compact’s 15th… Read more »


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In this month’s issue of the JSFB, we pivot to “Africa” and offer perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship that are needed to navigate the volatility and complexity of the global markets.

June Edition of the JSFB: “Africa”

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We take inspiration from South Africa and historic figures such as Nelson Mandela in the political realm, and Mervyn E. King, who has led the way to achieving a level of transparency in corporate financial reporting that can “weave a golden thread” through the information made available to investors. We highlight efforts to drive positive change in commodity exchanges, advances in “agroforestry” to improve the lives of women and children and initiatives to prevent further exploitation of wildlife.

Profiting from Trust – Opportunities to (Re-) Define a Positive Social Role For Financial Institutions


Trust is one of the most complex, strategically important assets sought by an organization. High levels of trust generate favorable responses to the organization, and create environments where discussion, collaboration and innovation can thrive. Africa indeed remains a bright spot for banks and an opportunity to cement long-term trust in a highly dynamic region of the world.

PanAfrican Investment Co: Collaboration in Action in sub-Saharan Africa


As Brazil, Russia, India and China grow into more mature states, frontier investors are setting their sights on the exciting opportunities Africa has to offer. Since our inception three years ago we’ve strictly invested in Africa, and we are seeing deals and capital inflows abound. Our mission statement has been prescient: “As PIC invests, Africa profits.” And we are indeed profiting — in more ways than one.

Cornerstone Contributes to New Investor Guide from BlackRock and Ceres:

We’re pleased to share Cornerstone’s contribution to this important new investment tool. “Taking Investment Lessons From Socrates: Asking the Right Questions,” By John Wilson and Erika Karp, Cornerstone Capital Group, and Jerome Lavigne-Delville, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Click to read Cornerstone’s article. “21st Century Engagement: Investor Strategies for Incorporating ESG Considerations into Corporate Interactions” –… Read more »

Dissecting the “Sharing Economy:” Business model opportunities and risks

Social networking and global business concept with businessman in the nodes of worldwide network

Between Uber’s $50 billion valuation, Etsy’s IPO and the large venture capital infusions into Airbnb, the “sharing economy” is transitioning from a social movement to a large-scale commercial business model.

Proxy Access: A Core Shareholder Right or the Latest Corporate Governance Fad?

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The 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law required all companies to provide proxy access to shareholders, but the implementation of this rule has been tied up in court. A small number of companies have moved ahead, and this proxy season roughly 40 companies have made “proxy access” available to shareholders. Meanwhile, the New York City Pension System filed proxy access requests to 75 companies in May. Below we provide some background on the issue, in the form of responses to questions we’re frequently asked.

Precision: Bolstering the Pipeline of Women Business Leaders


Given the remarkable businesswomen surrounding you today, would you believe that women still aren’t adequately represented in MBA programs? It’s unfortunately true. Fifteen years ago, Catalyst and the University of Michigan researched why this is the case. They discovered myths and misperceptions women have about business school and business careers that inspired us to launch the Forté Foundation. Since 2001, we’ve worked to drive greater gender balance in business schools—and increase the number of women business leaders overall.

The Value of Deconstruction


Language has incredible power to influence thought, and vice versa. It’s not illogical to conclude that calling an effort corporate social responsibility, or sustainability, or citizenship, will dramatically impact the attention and resources dedicated to the effort or the perception of its value to a given stakeholder group, say, investors.