With this edition of the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking (JSFB), issued in such close proximity to the rather astounding US Presidential election, we see investors driving a dramatic downward move in bonds and a strengthening dollar based upon expectations of fiscal stimulus driving more rapid growth and the prospect of inflation. How close we are to these trends actually materializing is another story entirely.  “Proximity” is a central question for so many sectors and for the capital markets.  As policy proposals and realities evolve, and while uncertainty and volatility will persist, there is no doubt that macro and structural trends in the US and Global markets are bigger and more powerful than any administration or regulatory regime over the long term.

We believe that the private sector will power progress in meeting the world’s imperatives including addressing everything from climate change, water scarcity, income inequality, gender equity, and healthcare provision, to infrastructure building. We believe that shifts in the political landscape aside, the rising influence of “universal owners” and advisors with a fiduciary duty to their clients will also continue to move the needle on corporate social responsibility.

In this edition of the JSFB we include voices from the impact investment community that illustrate the principle of private sector engagement. In Accelerating Impact, contributor Derek Yach recounts the achievements of the Clinton Global Initiative as it winds down; we feature the work of Oxfam to support women’s economic empowerment in Latin America; and are pleased to have been included in the “SustainRWorld” day campaign for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), as recounted by HealRWorld’s CEO, Michele Bongiovanni. Also, in Regional Imperatives, we see the potential offered by the investment approach of the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative.

Highlights from the November issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: Global Earnings Synthesis
By Michael Geraghty  

Extractive Company Values
By Sebastian Vanderzeil, Carolyn Trabuco, Michael Shavel

Proximity Ignites Change
By Michele Bongiovanni, HealRWorld LLC

The Legacy of the CGI
By Derek Yach, Discovery Vitality

The Gender Equality Gap: A Problem Too Big to Tackle?
By Alicia Robinson, Oxfam America

Place-Based Impact Investing
Lauryn Agnew, Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative

The State of LBGT Entreneurship in the US
Waverly Deutsch, Vivienne Ming, Mary Shea, Chris Sinton — StartOut

Changing the Narrative on Radicalism
Andrew MacLeod, Kings College, London

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