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JSFB November Edition: “Proximity”


“Proximity” is a central question for so many sectors and for the capital markets.  As policy proposals and realities evolve, and while uncertainty and volatility will persist, there is no doubt that macro and structural trends in the US and Global markets are bigger and more powerful than any administration or regulatory regime over the… Read more »

“Oceans and Seas”

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Today’s “wealth of nations” is derived from the oceans and seas. To preserve this asset, we must draw upon the best thinkers, practices, and policies to promote the “blue economy.”



Our JSFB offers a deep look at the drivers of ESG excellence and the translation of knowledge and understanding into action.


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“Resilience” must be built into the fabric of both the private and public sectors . . .  In this month’s JSFB, we examine the ability to withstand, and to thrive – and to begin again and again.

“Work/Life Skills”

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While there may never be perfect balance in life, economics, or markets, the Summer JSFB looks at how we can work to integrate our approach with broader interests and beliefs.


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In this month’s issue of the JSFB, we pivot to “Africa” and offer perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship that are needed to navigate the volatility and complexity of the global markets.


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From banking to commodities, social factors, technology, manufacturing and supply chain management, this month’s JSFB focuses on “Transparency” and realizing fresh opportunities at scale.

Measuring the “S”

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Cornerstone’s Global Markets Strategist Michael Geraghty incorporates a social cost metric into our Sector Strategy analysis. Read more in “The Social Costs of Business: Implications for Sector Strategy.”

“E” at the Sector Level

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Corporations globally are experiencing growing pressure about environmental issues reflecting, in large part, regulatory initiatives that could potentially increase costs. Read more in Michael Geraghty’s article “The Economics of Environmental Issues in Sector Strategy.”

“G” at a Global Level

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Global Markets Strategist Michael Geraghty has focused on the significance of ESG factors for equity valuations with a look first at Governance in “Gauging Governance Globally – Macro and Micro Metrics.”


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The Summer edition of the Cornerstone JSFB is all about Learning.  What do we know about the nuances of investment process and sustainable finance, and how can we can we learn about critical Environmental, Social and Governance issues to better guide our decisions?

What’s the Score?

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The June edition of the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking puts the focus on “Sports, Media and Entertainment,” understanding the broad influences they have on cultures, businesses and nations.

Entrepreneurism & Innovation

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The May edition of the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking (JSFB) is all about Entrepreneurship.  We celebrate the creative, inspired and dauntless innovators who have the potential to drive disruptive change across industry sectors, and even entire markets. 

Introducing Our Global Markets Regional Equity Strategy Model


The April edition of the Cornerstone JSFB is all about Infrastructure. We also unveil the new Cornerstone Capital Global Markets Regional Equity Strategy Model — providing regional recommendations based on proprietary measures of valuation, earnings and corporate governance factors.

Investment Storytelling Through Enhanced Analytics

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Brad Monterio, Managing Director of Colcomgroup, provides an insightful discussion on XBRL in the January 2014 Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking. XBRL was developed to solve the key challenges around reporting, disclosure and analysis.

Natura: A Sustainability Story


A look into Natura’s pioneering business practices which leverage the beauty of the Brazilian genetic heritage written by João Paulo Ferreira, Sales Vice-President, Natura in the December 2013 edition of the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking.