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Applying a Gender Lens to Philanthropically Committed Capital

In the United States, nearly $1 trillion is committed to philanthropy — sitting in foundations, donor-advised funds and elsewhere. Donors, in most cases, have transferred ownership of these funds to separate entities and received their tax deductions. Only a small percentage of those funds is expended on charitable donations for the general public good. Rather, the great majority of those resources are invested for a financial return without regard to their impact on society in general and women and minorities, in particular . . .

Venture Capital: Closing the Gender Gap

More than fifteen years ago, in 1998, as a second-year Harvard Business School student, I conducted a year-long field study on American women entrepreneurs’ access to equity capital — and in particular, venture capital. At that time, according to sources ranging from Venture One to the Small Business Administration, Women-Owned Businesses (WOBs) raised 2-2.5% of the venture capital financing in this country. This was a dismal state of affairs . . .

Transparency in Banking – Delivering a Sustainable Banking Scorecard

A sustainable real economy meeting the long-term needs of society requires a sustainable financial system. Stakeholders in the financial system should be able to transparently assess the extent to which a bank has a sustainability focused business model as well as the impact of this focus on the bank’s financial returns and its risk profile….

Impact Measurement to Enable an Effective Market

Co-Authored with Kelly McCarthy   Investors in sustainable finance and banking may have noticed a recent focus on the importance of impact measurement. A number of government initiatives are emphasizing rigorous social and environmental performance tracking, including an announcement last month from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) that Impact Small Business Investment Companies (Impact… Read more »

Accelerating Impact in Real Asset Investing

Written by James Lee, James Schaffer and Jaclyn Anku, Schaffer & Combs As the nation’s housing market rebounds, investors have taken notice. But with many still scarred from the protracted economic downturn, questions about risk remain.  But what if a real asset investing strategy could earn market-rate returns while simultaneously improving local communities?  OpenPath Investments,… Read more »

CCG Leases New Space at The Alliance Center

Cornerstone Capital Inc. has reached an agreement to become one of the earliest for-profit tenants at The Alliance Center in Denver and will participate in the building’s Grand Reopening festivities on Aug. 14th. The space will accommodate the firm’s new Investment Management practice. “We are pleased to have been able to find the perfect space to house… Read more »

Reimagining Impact, Reimaging ROI

ABSTRACT FROM THE JSFB. SUBSCRIBERS CAN READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN THE MAY 2014 EDITION. Co-authored by Bob Harrison, CEO and Bulbul Gupta, Head of Market-Based Approaches at the Clinton Global Initiative If we care about meeting the economic, social, and environmental demands of the 21st century, and growing consumer demand for responsible products, then we need to… Read more »

New Tools, New Tricks: How Emerging Applications Are Becoming Game-Changers for Impact Investors and Infrastructure Development

EXCERPT FROM THE JSFB. SUBSCRIBERS CAN READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN THE APRIL 2014 EDITION. The creation of standardized economic tools that can be used in the context of infrastructure exchanges may enable a new era of impact investing. Investors can use new standardized metrics to shape the definitions of new asset classes, including green bonds and… Read more »

Design to Serve the Changing Needs of the Reasonable Investor

EXCERPT FROM THE JSFB. SUBSCRIBERS CAN READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN THE MARCH 2014 EDITION. The reasonable investor of 2014 is not the same as the reasonable investor of 1973. However, investors don’t have information to determine how companies are adapting to this new reality. In this situation, investors need comparable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data… Read more »

A Call to Action

EXCERPT FROM THE JSFB. SUBSCRIBERS CAN READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN THE FEBRUARY 2014 EDITION. Investors are becoming increasingly aware of supply chain issues in their companies, whether it is through conflict minerals, poor working conditions, deforestation or any number of other concerns, and are focusing on what company management is doing to recognise and address these… Read more »

Join #theBIGshift and Accelerate the Transformation to a Sustainable Future

Extract from the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking, January 2014 written by Dr. Sally Uren, Chief Executive Officer of Forum for the Future, an independent non-profit working globally with business, government and other organizations to solve complex sustainability challenges. Subscribers can view the full article in the January edition. To deliver a more sustainable… Read more »

Changing Dynamics of the Family

Susan Golombok is a Professor of Family Research and Director, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge. She is the author of Parenting: What really counts? and co-author of Bottling it Up, Gender Development, and Growing up in a Lesbian Family. Since the latter part of the 20th century, dramatic changes have taken place to… Read more »

Jumpstarting Access to Capital

Extract from the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking, November 2013, written by David Robinson, Professor of Finance, Duke University and member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Capital & Financing. In the wake of the economic slowdown precipitated by the global financial crisis, governments all around the world have been… Read more »