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What is “Corporate Sustainability”? Simply stated, it’s the same as “Corporate Excellence” but over the very long term. Over the very long term, does the company consider the value of all the capital it deploys in pursuit of its stated mission? Does the company consider the returns on the investments made in terms of the financial capital, human capital, and natural capital engaged in its business? Does the company balance the demands of shareholders, employees and customers in a synergistic cycle while recognizing and articulating the trade-offs that inevitably exist? Flavor is Information

One of the primary focuses of the emerging field of Culinary Science is flavor. Flavor is a multifaceted and dynamic perception that conveys information about our cultures, our environment and our individuality. The food industry is interested in understanding flavor because it is integral to developing successful healthier products for emerging, maturing, and ageing consumer segments. The research community is interested in flavor because it is an ideal entrée to the brain, one of the final frontiers of science …

When last we met our “Superheroes of Capitalism” (alias: “ Sustainable Investors”), they were valiantly fighting to highlight the critical importance of analyzing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in predicting corporate financial performance. They were coming to terms with the trade-offs inherent in taking a long-term perspective. They had acknowledged that in order to… Read more »

Nils Anderson, the CEO of AP Moller Maersk, spoke at this month’s BSR Conference in New York City and articulated his company’s aspiration to be “Taking the lead in a world of change.”  This company represents the ultimate player in global trade. And, if one subscribes to the economic theory of comparative advantage, then the… Read more »

In an effort to ignite and support the efforts of the next generation of business leaders, and a form of capitalism that is based upon greater collaboration and transparency, we launch this initiative among the world’s students who will be essential drivers of sustainable innovation…This is a call to action for social entrepreneurship: “Sustainable Games:… Read more »

“Intentionality” has been a word used a great deal lately as the definition of “Impact Investing” has been evolving. Front and center is the clearly stated intent to not only drive financial returns, but to seek measurable positive impact towards societal and environmental goals. In this note we simply argue for the same kind of… Read more »

Among the many extraordinarily articulate statements from Winston Churchill is one which has exceptional resonance in today’s global economy and to today’s investment imperatives.  In the mid-1940’s after the Battle of Britain when the House of Commons was being rebuilt following the bombings, Churchill made the statement: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”… Read more »

For better or worse, we live in a culture in which the coveted social label, “cool,” drives fickle fashion and retailing tastes, molds entertainment and media content, and sets the cultural lexicon.  What’s cool generally equates to what’s relevant right now.  Yet as the corporate sustainability and impact investing movement scales, a new class of… Read more » The Interconnectedness of Things

Each month in the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), we will offer thoughts on a “Featured Domain” which is selected from our proprietary “Sustainable Domain Bank”.  The Cornerstone “Sustainable Domain Bank” contains 2,000+ addresses on the Internet which are an articulation of business processes, business practices, and aspirations for a more regenerative… Read more »

In recent times the world’s banking entities have been analyzing the finalization of the Volcker Rule portion of the Dodd-Frank Act.  The rule, which includes the restriction of banks from engaging in proprietary trading of certain securities, derivatives and options, effectively bars these entities from behaving like hedge funds.  One particular activity often associated with… Read more »

This week marked the convening of the World Economic Forum’s annual Summit on the Global Agenda held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  It’s notable this year that the various Global Agenda Councils (GAC) will be moving more closely together to cross-fertilize ideas and initiatives.  Throughout the venue we are reminded of the facts around risks to… Read more »

Accelerate the Velocity of

Extract from the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking, October 2013, written by Mike Shavel, Research & Business Analyst at Cornerstone Capital Inc. and Erika Karp, Founder and CEO at Cornerstone Capital Inc. It is no secret that the pace of this recovery has been frustratingly weak, especially in light of the current Fed policy…. Read more »