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Market Summary

As we approach the end of the first quarter, the environment for risk assets continues to be favorable with several major equity indices at or near all-time highs. Despite the bullish moves in equities, currency markets are dominating the global investment narrative in light of the dollar’s outsized move higher. Some pundits suggest that currency volatility is a harbinger of instability across other asset classes,

Market Summary

As we look back at 2014, an environment categorized by slow economic growth, low interest rates and minimal inflation rewarded investors that followed a long-term strategy and took prudent risk. Looking ahead, many investors expect a continuation of the post-crisis bull market, which is now the second-longest annual winning streak on record. While the global economic backdrop appears to be generally supportive of this view, there are several risks confronting investors…

November Market Summary

In a sign of bullish investor sentiment, risk assets broadly retraced the losses incurred in the October market swoon. A combination of receding global growth fears, continued monetary policy report, and strong earnings results contributed to the rebound, in some cases driving equity indices to new highs. Central bank policy remains a focal point for investors and they continue to consider the ramifications of less accommodative Fed policy offset by more aggressive ECB and BOJ actions….

Market Summary: Overview

In a year of surprisingly muted market volatility, this month we saw risk assets tumble as investor concerns reached a decisive tipping point. Anxiety over a less accommodative Fed, the pace and sustainability of global economic growth, continued conflict in Ukraine, escalating violence in the Middle East, and even the Ebola crisis have investors fleeing… Read more »