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“The Integrated Reporting Movement”

“The Integrated Reporting Movement — Meaning, Momentum, Motives and Materiality,” by Robert G. Eccles, Michael P. Krzus, Sydney Ribot) follows the publication in 2000 of the first book on this topic by Eccles and Krzus, “One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy.” In just four years, integrated reporting has been transformed from an idea to a growing best practice for companies all over the world.

Transforming Snacks for Foodies: Exo Bars and Runa Tea

The soft drinks and snacks markets are changing. Consumers are progressively turning towards healthier, and more sustainable alternatives. Three deep trends are behind this slow evolution: our greater understanding of how climate change affects water, energy and food systems; increased awareness of how our choices affect communities that produce food commodities; and growing health consciousness…. Read more »

Fantasy Sports – Business Versus Social Implications

ABSTRACT FROM THE CORNERSTONE JSFB. SUBSCRIBERS CAN READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN THE JUNE 2014 EDITION.  Fantasy sports is big business. A fanatic fan base and highly desirable demographic has turned it into a $3 billion industry in just the U.S. and Canada, growing over 12% annually.  The fantasy sports phenomenon caught fire with the advent… Read more »

Par for the Course?

The modern game of golf has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 15th-century Scotland, and its fans are some of the most ardent of any sport. Ironically, it is golf’s deep-rooted traditions that have left it struggling to adapt to structural shifts, and the industry is now facing declining interest in many… Read more »

Warby Parker

At the heart of any successful entrepreneur is the ability to identify and meet a market need. In some cases, meeting this need is premised on the introduction of an original, innovative product while in others it is about improving the process by which it is produced and delivered. The latter appears to be the case in the eyewear industry where startup Warby Parker is aiming to provide consumers with “high quality eyewear at a fraction of the price.”

From Luxury to Biomaterials – Stories of Sustainable Packaging Design

  Transitioning between a world of linear consumption of natural resources and accumulation of post-consumer waste, to a virtuous circular model, where waste and renewable materials are inputs for value creation, is within grasp. Many companies have already embraced this strategy, and we have seen success stories alongside this new market logic. In this month’s… Read more »

BMW Urban Mobility: Re-creating the Status Quo through Sustainable Design

The ability to independently travel from location to location based on nothing more than a simple desire to move about freely is a powerful and historical concept that breeds individuality, builds personal character, and spurs innovation through the free exchange of ideas and cultures. Personal mobility has long been quintessential in the development of the United States, especially when considering the early 19th and 20th centuries where transportation slowly evolved from the stage coach, to railroads, to streetcars and subway systems….

Rausch Chocolate

Unbeknownst to many consumers, the supply chain that facilitates the delivery of those delectable heart-shaped chocolates is facing significant challenges. Should these challenges go unresolved, the future of chocolate may not be so sweet. The large majority of cocao is grown on small family farms that often use unsophisticated, labor-intensive farming practices. Poor yields are demonstrative of poor or inexistent educational systems and inadequate knowledge of modern farming techniques.

The Television Series: “Modern Family”

Extract from the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking, December 2013, written by Michael Shavel, Research & Business Analyst at Cornerstone Capital Inc. Modern Family’s success is a sign of the times where diversity is not only acknowledged, but is embraced well. Just as television programming and family structures have evolved the manner by… Read more »

The Universal Pictures Film: “42”

In the middle of the recent film “42” by Universal Pictures, the Brooklyn Dodgers Owner Branch Rickey played by Harrison Ford says to his partner at the opening game of the 1947 Major League Baseball (MLB) season: “Another opening day Harold…All future, no past.”  This movie, an homage to legendary barrier-breaking baseball player Jackie Robinson,… Read more »