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Finance of the Future

John Wilson was recently interviewed by Sea Change radio’s Alex Wise for his podcast. We discussed how managers balance trying to please dividend-hungry shareholders with keeping an eye on the future, how automation will affect the global economy, and how all of this is ultimately an issue of sustainability. Click below to hear the replay. John… Read more »

The Global Ethics Summit

The eighth annual Global Ethics Summit gathers C-suite executives, board leaders, and general counselors across industries and geographies to discuss integrity and performance, compliance, global strategy, brand stewardship, and social/sustainable responsibility in the corporate world.  

Regenerative Investing Workshop – Investing for People, Planet & Profit

This interactive workshop, located at the Omega Institute and led by Donna Morton and Ethan Roland Solaviev, offers an in-depth exploration into the world of ‘Regenerative Investing’ and the opportunity to learn how to channel your financial resources into projects that are aligned with sustainable values and purpose. To learn more about this event and… Read more »

New England Impact Capitalism Summit

The 1st Annual New England Impact Capitalism Summit (ICS 2015 NE), hosted by Big Path Capital, is being held on the East Coast in response to its landmark sister event in Chicago in 2014. The Summit is geared towards family offices, high net worth individuals, family foundations and institutions looking to deploy their capital effectively… Read more »

The Green Sports Alliance 2015 Summit

The Green Sports Alliance Summit serves as a platform for the sports community to unite around sustainability – the event brings together more than 800 industry stakeholders to learn from 80+ leaders and share better environmental practices to advance the green sports movement and engage with fans. Last year’s program featured a number of venue… Read more »

Symposium on Integrated Thinking: Drivers and Evolving Best Practices 

Cornerstone’s Head of Corporate Governance, Engagement & Research, John Wilson, to participate at this Skytop Strategies’ event, where attendees will learn about driving change within the organization. DISCOVER how the enterprise is reshaping itself to meet a new set of stakeholder expectations. ENGAGE with company executives, shareholders and practice leaders on innovation and how operational leaders relate to… Read more »