Extract from the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking, October 2013 written by Erika Karp, Founder & CEO of Cornerstone Capital Inc. and Derek Yach, Chairman of the Board of Cornerstone Capital Inc. and SVP of the Vitality Group, Discovery Holdings Ltd.

The path to progress is not a straight line. And in fact, it is not an unbroken one either. Complex problems of the magnitude the world faces today simply cannot be solved sequentially; and they simply cannot be put in terms of purely black and white. To make progress on the major issues of our day, we must have multiple parallel processes and initiatives that allow for an ultimate convergence to the “right” path….or at least to a better path. When we “Embrace the Grey,” we take the time to extract value judgments and ideologies associated with the challenges at hand, we can make constructive progress.