Why would anyone sport a Nike FuelBand rather than a stunningly beautiful precision built Swiss timepiece?  The latter is an expression of elegance, professional achievement, and style.  It can speak to the fortunes and success of the wearer.  The Nike FuelBand costs about $150, is made of rubber/plastic, must not be submerged in water, and requires two hands to tell the time.  Given these apparent shortcomings, it may seem paradoxical that the FuelBand is one of several in the wearables product category that is gaining traction with consumers.  Having made the switch, some of us are hooked.

Erika Karp is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Cornerstone Capital Inc. and the former Head of Global Sector Research at UBS Investment Bank.

Michael Shavel, CFA is a Research & Business Analyst at Cornerstone Capital Inc. and a former Research Analyst on AllianceBernstein’s Global Growth & Thematic team.

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