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We are in the middle of a radical transformation of the workplace as it becomes much more fluid and dynamic. By 2020, Intuit reports that 40% of us will be independent workers and the expected average tenure of an employee will drop precipitously as the Millennial generation becomes the majority of the workforce. This new generation expects to stay in a job for a third of the time of their Boomer counterparts and will require significant investment to keep them longer. The impact of the Millennial generation on the workforce has been documented in numerous articles and studies. At the core of all this research is one word – purpose.  What the new majority of the workforce want at unprecedented levels is purpose in their work. They are not alone. The other major demographic that will define the workplace of 2020 and beyond is women and they too prioritize purpose relative to a traditional, male-driven workforce.

Aaron Hurst is the CEO of Imperative, a technology platform that enables people to discover, connect and act on what gives them purpose in their work. Aaron is a close advisor to many global brands and frequent speaker and writer on the Purpose Economy. He is the founder and active advisor to the Taproot Foundation and previously worked in Silicon Valley developing the precursors to social media.