Against a backdrop of global complexity and interconnectedness, this month’s “Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking” focuses on “Urban Innovation” as the cities of the world are ripe with both risk and opportunity.

This month’s JSFB features articles that examine many aspects of urbanization – from existential threats (like the lack of natural water resources in Singapore), to tremendous opportunities (like the potential of “green” bonds in financing cleaner energy), and new tools to more effectively measure the ability of the private sector to address societal need.  We traverse oceans and green spaces, the state of housing in India and renewable energy projects, as our cities and their planners consider the necessary steps to adapt for decades to come.


Updating the Global Equity Strategy Investment Clock, By Michael Geraghty

Featured Domain: UrbanInnovation.mobiBy Erika Karp and Michael Geraghty

A Catalyst for Collaboration in Water Tech Innovation, By Will Sarni

Cracking the Affordable Housing Market in India, ByMatias Echanove and Rahul Srivastava

Is Investing in Ocean Health a Key to Our Urban Future? By Maria Damanaki

CarbonCount: A Quantitative Impact Scoring System for “Green” Bonds, By Ken Locklin and David Posner

Giving Fiduciaries a Hand with Infrastructure Due Diligence, By John Williams 

Smart Transportation: The Urban Life Force, By Carol L. Stimmel  

Integrating Green Spaces to Build Stronger Communities, By Deborah Marton 

The Model Room, By Andy Zheng


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