• This month in the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), our theme is “Resilience.”  Resilience must be built into the fabric of both the private and public sectors…The ability to withstand, and to thrive. To begin; and to begin; and to begin again until we succeed in finding a form of capitalism that is more regenerative and more inclusive.
  • As we look to analyze the Environmental, Social and Governance factors inherent in the investment process, we put Governance as first among equals, and present “The Shareholder Alignment FrontierTM as a framework to help companies identify and respond to changes in their operating environment to enhance resilience.
  • We are also pleased to include perspectives from our contributors on health in the C-Suite, improving disclosure transparency around human trafficking and “smart seeds” that can help ensure the security and stability of the global supply of crops. All good food for thought as we look to shore up a more sustainable future.

Highlights from the September issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: Monthly Updates for August and September
Michael Geraghty

Gauging Governance Globally: 2015 Update
Michael Geraghty

The Networked Corporation
John K.S. Wilson & Erika Karp

Four Questions for Alphabet
John K.S. Wilson

Erika Karp

What’s Often Missing in a Healthy C-Suite is… Health and Resilience
Derek Yach, The Vitality Group

Government Transparency Efforts: Addressing the “S” in ESG
Ed Marcum, Kilian Moote, Humanity United

Seeding a Resilient Future
Karla Canavan, Bunge Ltd.

Women & Sports: Microcosm of a World at Play
Deborah Slaner Larkin, Women’s Sports Foundation

Boosting Returns, Boosting Resilience
Susan McArthur and Jamie James, Greensoil Investments

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