Although there is debate about the meaning of The Who’s classic song “Baba O’Riley” (often referred to as “Teenage Wasteland”), for many of us the words conjure up visions of disenchanted young people with altered mind states.  But while young people are often on the radar screen for signs of depression and life imbalance, there is another group—with its own set of raging hormone and changing-body issues—who needs watching. And just as they may have more weight, wear, and wrinkles, “Midlifers” increasingly appear to have their own anxiety, angst and job issues.  Given the aging population, recognizing and managing this new reality will be critical to maintaining a healthy society.

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Cindy Motz has more than 15 years’ equity research, financial analysis and investment banking experience in the wireless and wireline telecoms, utilities, energy/ cleantech and biotech/healthcare areas.