This month in the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), we look to the seas in the hopes of finding something that is predictable and durable… something that might lend insight and purpose to the capital markets.

  • As Kimberly Gladman of JUST Capital Foundation writes in her elegantly articulated Sustainable Editorial piece, “The Oceans and Us,” the ocean represents an “immensely rich frontier for the further expansion of human knowledge and imagination.”
  • Brad Ack of the World Wildlife Fund explains how his team calculated the economic value of the oceans, arriving at a valuation of $24 trillion USD —essentially the seventh largest world “economy.” But as contributors from The Nature Conservancy and Ocean Unite point out, we are at real risk of permanent destruction of this valuable global asset.
  • There is much being done to restore the health of our oceans, however. Contributions in our “Accelerating Impact” and “Enhanced Analytics”  sections highlight the ingenious solutions being created or supported by the organizations above as well as by Global Ocean Trust, The Ocean Foundation, Seafood Nutrition Partnership and Ports of Cause.


Highlights from the November issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: Monthly Update
Michael Geraghty

Department of Labor: ESG Compatible with Fiduciary Duty
John K.S. Wilson

Conserving Ocean Capital for Perpetual Returns
Brad Ack, World Wildlife Fund

The Promise of Blue Finance
Torsten Thiele, Global Ocean Trust

Offset Your Life the Blue Way
Mark Spalding, The Ocean Foundation

Can Financial Innovation Make Oceans a Global Climate Solution?
Maria Damanaki, The Nature Conservancy

Giving with Your Heart and Your Head: Using Metrics in Philanthropy
Mark Spalding, Ocean Foundation

Old Man, Nutrition, and the Sea
Linda Cornish, Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Mega Yachts: Incubators and Economic Engines for Innovation
Victoria Cerrone, JD, Ports of Cause

Call to Responsibility: Salvage Our Most Valuable Natural Capital Asset
Karen Sack, Ocean Unite

The Oceans and Us
Kimberly Gladman, PhD, CFA, The JUST Capital Foundation


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