This month in the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking (JSFB), we consider the issue of “Relativity” in the capital markets. Einstein showed that even though the laws of physics are the same everywhere, people experience time and space differently.  It follows that individual perspectives on change are relative to one’s own current position.

So, in this edition of the JSFB, we seek some investment insight from Einstein and we think longer term about sustainable global economic value creation rather than short-term market performance.  Einstein said that one should “Try not to become a person of success, but rather become a person of value.”  The same goes for market participants, who should know of the efforts of the World Ocean Council (WOC) to create sustainable economic value by engaging private sector stakeholders in working on “complex, intertwined, international ocean sustainable development issues,” as outlined in WOC CEO Paul Holthus’s Accelerating Impact article.

From J.D. Lindeberg of Resource Recycling Systems, we learn that the differences in relative effectiveness of strategies to reduce food waste are laid out in a new report by the nonprofit initiative “ReThinking Food Waste through Economics and Data.” Further, in our Open-Source Excellence section, Levi Strauss & Co VP of Sustainability Michael Kobori discusses the firm’s decision to offer its proprietary denim-finishing technology to industry competitors, illustrating the greater relative value the firm places on tackling water scarcity than on maintaining a cost-reduction edge.

We also note the importance of language to any discussion. Two contributions to our Sustainable Editorial section tackle issues of language.

Highlights from the May issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: May Update
By Michael Geraghty  

The World Ocean Council, Corporate Ocean Responsibility and the Ocean Investment Platform
By Paul Holthus, World Ocean Council 

ReFED: Impact Investing in Food Waste Reduction
By J.D. Lindeberg, Resource Recycling Systems Inc.

ESG “Infractions” a Predictor of Accounting Issues
By Shivaram Rajgopal, PhD, Columbia University

The Power—and Danger—of Suggestion
By Kate Rebernak, Framework LLC

The Water Imperative: Open Sourcing Pushing Change in Apparel Industry
By Michael Kobori, Levi Strauss & Co

Your Doctor, Your Data
By Alex Cahana, MD, Ark Investment Management

Establishing Common Ground with Data and Language
By Linda Cornish, Seafood Nutrition Partnership

The Inaugural Peter G. Peterson Distinguished Lecture on National Security and Fiscal Policy
By Sebastian Vanderzeil

NYSE Cyber Investing Summit
By Sebastian Vanderzeil

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