There are many common sense principles Barb tries to live and lead by in her role as Principal and Co-Founder of BrownFlynn. Follow your instincts. Do what’s right. Keep it simple stupid. Respect your elders. Honesty is the best policy. Treat people the way you want to be treated. A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away (or is it an apple?) It’s the example she gives the BrownFlynn team when they interact with one another and how she expects the team to serve its clients. They describe Barb as possessing a great deal of integrity and holding expectations high for her team, the project objectives and the client themselves. By doing so, Barb ensures that clients are satisfied while BrownFlynn upholds its reputation for delivering value.

By applying these principles, Barb knows BrownFlynn helps clients do good, do well and win—for themselves, their stakeholders, and, ultimately, their children, their children’s children and the world. Barb throws common sense out the window when it comes to loving her husband, Chuck, their three grown children, Tom, Dan, and Katie; and, of course, Riley, their Labrador retriever. Truth be told, the astrological Leo in her emerges in the form of fashion, decorating her home, entertaining and travel.

Established in 1996, BrownFlynn advises Fortune 500 as well as other national and global clients on how to integrate responsible practices into their business strategies and how to engage stakeholders around these practices for bottom-line impact. Barb is the Principal in charge of clients including Owens Corning, Forest City, Texas Instruments and Fairmount Minerals. Barb has deep experience within the sustainability field, corporate reporting and sustainability strategy development and a B.A. in Communications, John Carroll University.