Building on a background as a Business Lawyer and a State Authorized Public Accountant, Mrs. Bank Jorgensen brings 25 years of experience advising global companies within Corporate Responsibility and Reporting. She has led PricewaterhouseCoopers’s Sustainability and Climate Change practices in Europe and the US, hereof 11 years as a partner. Since 2012 she has run an independent consulting practice B. Accountability advising global business leaders in Sustainability and Climate Change. In 2013 she was also asked to build and lead the Global Compact Network Canada, and has over 1.5 years grown the number of signatories by 30% to nearly 100 Canadian companies. In 2014 Mrs. Bank Jorgensen was chosen as one of 12 Global Facilitators for UN Global Compact Board Programme. She is a speaker and author for thought-leading articles and books, has served on multiple boards and is the creator of the world’s first “Green Account”, and “Integrated Report.”