Hemant Golechha is the Founder, Director & Principal Consultant at Extraa Insights Research & Advisory Services, a boutique consulting firm for research, training, strategic and management consulting clients in India. At Extraa Insights, under-tracked sectors and research areas are given priority. Mr. Golechha has experience in syndicated (equity, business and market) research, project & people management, setting, monitoring and achieving production/publication targets, consulting projects; and teaching.

He has managed content and large teams across leading sectors: Consumer, Packaging & Retail, Financial Services, Technology, Media and Telecom, and Construction. He is a Gold Medalist with a Masters in Commerce and also holds a program management degree (PGMP). His key interest lies in mentoring, managerial/leadership roles, internal process audits, advisory roles, corporate strategy, planning & budgeting and research & consulting. He is a strong believer and promoter of work-life balance.