Ibrahim AlHusseini is the founder and managing member of his family office, Husseini Group LLC, which he dedicates to facilitating, financing, and guiding ventures that embrace social enhancement and ecological sustainability.

AlHusseini is a renowned investor, sustainability-focused entrepreneur, and philanthropist with more than 27 years of experience in operations, technology, and finance. He’s dedicated much of his career to leading syndicates of value-aligned-investors into clean technology and natural resource related investments while producing significant returns for all shareholders. As the founder of growth equity fund FullCycle, Ibrahim is focused on reversing the effects of climate change by accelerating the deployment of climate critical technology worldwide.

Through this work, AlHusseini has developed an exceptional network of industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs across the sustainability space. He has raised over half a billion dollars of capital to back dozens of companies, and was an early investor in Tesla Motors, Bloom Energy, Infinera and CleanChoice Energy, as well as Aspiration Bank, Cornerstone Capital, WePower, GVNG, Cadence Health and Thrive Market.

Throughout his career, AlHusseini has started and sold numerous businesses. He co-founded Natural Solutions Inc., a pioneer in the field of marketing of natural industrial cleaning products; PakIT Inc., a leading designer, developer, and supplier of cellulose fiber molding equipment to the packaging industry; Meca Communications, a company that designed and implemented private-label interoperable instant messaging technologies; and EcoPerks, a credit card company with a loyalty program for environmentally conscious consumers, among others.

The son of Palestinian refugees and raised in Saudi Arabia, AlHusseini moved to the United States to attend the University of Washington, where he launched his first successful business out of his dorm room. He currently sits on the boards of more than half a dozen organizations that focus on the positive development of our environment and humanity, including The Rainforest Action Network, The Culture Project and The Global Partnership for Women and Girls.

AlHusseini is a frequent contributor on CNBC, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance, and a passionate advocate for immigrants and sound environmental policies.