Joseph Dixon

Executive Director and Founder, Sustainability Leadership Forum

As founder of the Sustainability Leadership Forum (SLF), I facilitate meetings (currently in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, London, New York,  Philadelphia, and Washington DC) among sustainability leaders of global companies for the purpose of exchanging ideas and learning from expert speakers, ultimately to implement viable environmental standards and programs in their organizations. To foster trust and maintain standards of excellence, a high-caliber group of noncompeting members comprise each city’s Forum, although we held a well-attended, all-cities conference in 2014, which will become an annual event. With an MBA from Dartmouth, l started out as a manager for a top-tier consulting firm, but the environmentalist, entrepreneur and athlete in me inspired the launch of On-The-Court Coaching, a coaching business I began to help green businesses grow.  I launched the SLF with the intent to gather likeminded leaders who could effect the changes necessary to move themselves and their organizations onto a sustainable and prosperous path.