Julie Lerner is the Founder and CEO of PanXchange, Inc., a web-based negotiation and trading platform for physical commodities. She has been awarded two US patents, with three others pending on her innovative system and implementation.

Ms. Lerner began her career with Cargill International and later became the senior trader for Cargill’s Latin American sugar markets, where she focused on the development of origination markets with successful financing programs and warehouse and distribution programs. She has also held several positions in trading and business development with companies such as XL Financial (weather derivatives) and Sempra Energy Trading (electricity).

She has deep experience in regional and international agricultural and energy markets. Geographically, her area of expertise covers US, Europe, Latin America and East Africa. Ms. Lerner currently specializes in bringing liquidity and efficiencies to thin and/or nascent markets. Previously, she has focused on growth strategies for regional and/or international small and medium-sized businesses. She is an advisor to several early stage companies and has a 360 degree perspective from entrepreneur to angel investor, and from smallholder farmers to Fortune 100 executives. Ms. Lerner is passionate about empowering underprivileged girls with a safe environment to learn and grow. She speaks Spanish and is proficient in French.