Karla Canavan has been in trading, finance, asset management, and agribusiness over the past 20 years. She began her career in private banking and boutique structured finance in Banco Santander in Mexico City and next achieved success as a fixed income and derivatives trader. Passionate about sustainability, Karla developed her deep understanding of the food and energy value chains through her work in agribusiness giants Cargill and Bunge. With experience working directly with producers such as small holder farmers to determine logistics, pricing, and marketing, Karla obtained the firsthand experience that underpins her knowledge of product traceability, social and environmental impact, and profitability factors that are necessary to optimize the food supply chain from farm to table.

After leaving Cargill, Karla joined Bunge and has applied her skills and experience to serve in many diverse roles. She began in risk management and trading commodities for the Latin American region. She then helped develop the food products line for Latin America, leading business development and serving as head edible oils trader for the region. Next she joined Bunge’s Financial Services Group unit, where she served as Global Head of Origination for Bunge Environmental Markets where she helped finance, develop and execute over 100 emissions reduction projects across a variety of business sectors and methodologies. Her investment expertise encompasses projects in in waste management ,composting , waste-to-energy generation from landfill gas and biodigestion, sustainable agriculture, women empowerment, integrated farming, renewable energy ,bio fuels, and sustainable forest management.

Recently appointed as Bunge’s Director of Sustainable Finance , Karla looks forward to develop new opportunities in the food and energy sectors to achieve the triple bottom line returns for investors – social, environmental, and financial – that are key to the sustainable businesses of the future.