Mauricio Barbeiro is is a sustainable business specialist with over 10 years of financial market, former ABN Amro Bank and Banco Santander Brazil executive, working in risk assessment, ESR and corporate sustainability roles. He also led strategic projects on hydro and energy efficiency in the manufacturing industry and commercial clients. Mauricio also made financial audits in international projects over Mexico, Turkey and the United States. He has worked among product sales, credit risk, investment banking, retail banking, entrepreneurship teams, financial education and inclusion, with strong participation on lecturing in Brazilian universities and MBA classes, promoting sustainability and sharing corporate values.

Mauricio has a Bachelor in Systems Analysis from University of Toronto, Canada and MBA of Business Administration from FGV (Fundação Getulio Vargas), Brazil. Continuing Education in Innovation and Sustainability from Harvard Business School. Leadership in Sustainability committees of the American Chamber of Commerce and international humanitarian projects.