Nasreen Awal

Founding Director, Multimode Group and Founder & President, Women's Entrepreneurs Assoc. of Bangladesh

Nasreen Awal is one of the founding directors and key personalities of the family-held Multimode Group based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has been directly involved with the business for the past 17 years and currently oversees the company’s distribution of Johnson & Johnson products throughout Bangladesh.

Nasreen is also founder and president of the Women’s Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh (WEAB), an organization founded in 2000 to to create a platform to help business women establish themselves in a competitive field currently dominated by men. The main object of WEAB is to develop a support system for women entrepreneurs to not only improve the quality of their products and to meet the changing market demands, but also to impart training on technical knowhow, design development and creating marketing links for their products.

Over the years Nasreen has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the Mahatma Ghandi Peace Award in 2008, the Medal of Honor by the World Federation of Consuls, and the Leading Woman in the Public Sector in Asia in 2011. Nasreen also serves as Honorary Consul of Mongolia to Bangladesh. She and her husband and family also hold U.S. citizenships.