Todd Sears

Founder & Principal, Coda Leadership

Todd Sears is the Founder and Principal of Coda Leadership, a strategic advising firm which helps companies move diversity beyond traditional programs and integrate it into business objectives.  Focusing on business metrics such as retention and recruitment, client outreach, and employee productivity, Coda positions diversity as an imperative component of a firm’s competitive success.

Todd began his career as an investment banker at Schroders as well as DeSilva & Phillips, before becoming a first-quintile financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, where he created the first private banking team to focus on the LGBT community.  After generating over $1.5 billion in LGBT assets for Merrill, he later led the firm’s diversity strategy, before moving to Credit Suisse as Head of Diversity & Inclusion Americas.  He is a graduate of Duke University.

A key initiative of Coda is Out Leadership, a series of innovative and forward-thinking initiatives to leverage LGBT opportunities across a range of industries. Designed to engage senior leaders, our global initiatives seek to impact business results, develop talent and drive equality forward. These initiatives operate within three industry-specific verticals: Out on the StreetOut in Law, and Out in Insurance.  Each vertical hosts cutting-edge programming for its industry and offers unique opportunities for cross-industry collaboration across Out Leadership broadly. Out on the Street is the inaugural initiative of Out Leadership. It was first hosted in New York in 2011 by Deutsche Bank with 6 member firms. Today, it includes 19 member firms with annual summits and other programming in New York, Europe and Asia. Over 70% of Out on the Street summit attendees are at the Director level or higher in their organizations and over 20 CEOs have spoken at Out on the Street‘s summits.