Vincent Neate

Partner and Head of Sustainability Services, KPMG LLP (UK)

Vincent Neate is a Partner with KPMG LLP (UK) and the Head of Sustainability Services where he is responsible for the Sustainability Services Practice.  His experience is in working with international businesses across a broad range of issues encompassing governance, finance and risk.  In his current role his focus is on the three R’s – Responsible Capitalism, Responsible Finance and Responsible Business.  This encompasses working with government on creating the conditions necessary for low carbon development, with investors on strategies for responsible investment and with companies on embedding sustainability in their operational strategies.  The underlying theme of all the work that Vincent and his team undertake is the development and measurement of the economic rationale for business action.  Vincent’s client base has been drawn from across the world including the USA, South America, Continental Europe and Africa.  He therefore brings a good commercial perspective with an international outlook.

Vincent is also a member of KPMG LLP’s Board’s Business Responsibility Committee, the partner sponsor of the Straight Ally programme, the partner sponsor of the London School Leaver recruitment programme and involved with KPMG’s agenda on Mental Health in the workplace. Outside of KPMG, Vincent is the Chairman of the Trustees of Fight for Peace International & Fight for Peace UK, a Trustee of frombabieswithlove Limited, Board member at the Climate Markets & Investment Association, Board member at Chatham House, and the Institute for International Affairs.

As a Chartered Accountant Vincent has a strong background in finance, including commercial financial management and a good understanding of audit and internal control matters. Vincent has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool, qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1995 and is a master-practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.