In the view of blockchain proponents, one of the technology’s major advantages is that it doesn’t require trust at the point of transaction, leading to a radical shift in the power of intermediaries. However, there is a question outstanding about how the need for trust can be changed and whether blockchain technology reduces the need for trust or shifts the burden of trust.  We recently published a piece exploring the issue of trust.

Following on from our report, Cornerstone’s Sebastian Vanderzeil hosted a conversation with Michael Oved, co-founder of AirSwap and former partner at Virtu Financial, who is “passionate about a future where people fearlessly trade digital value without third-party intervention.” The discussion and Q&A session touched on a range of topics including:

  • How does blockchain interact and change the need for trust?
  • How are financial intermediaries likely to be impacted by the development of a decentralized, “trustless” network supported by blockchain?
  • What risks are present in a removal or shift in trust?