Cornerstone has just released two reports addressing the impacts of climate change. Our report No Place to Hide? Climate Change and Systemic Financial Risk demystifies recent academic studies on the risk to global financial assets from various climate change scenarios. The conclusion: Without urgent investment to scale climate solutions, global financial assets face losses of $2-24 trillion, or 2-17%, depending on the pace and intensity of further global warming. The more extreme scenarios would affect entire portfolios as the global economy faces severe losses.

In other words — unless investment dollars are deployed at scale to limit further warming — there’s no place to hide.

There is still time to act, however, as we explain in Scaling Climate Action: Aligning Investments to Sustainable Development Goal 13. Our report provides a straightforward overview of the causes and most significant impacts of climate change. We then apply Cornerstone’s Access Impact FrameworkTM, identifying relevant “access themes” that offer tangible investment ideas. Those themes are:

  • Access to sustainable sources of food and nutrition
    Access to safe, affordable and sustainable transportation
    Access to affordable, sustainable and modern energy
    Access to clean air
    Access to education

Our report relays the key connections of each theme to SDG 13 and highlights existing investment funds that address our themes. An overview of opportunities, by asset class, is provided.