On March 1 Cornerstone hosted the first of in a new series of Access & Insight events, a webinar titled “Climate Investing in 2017: What Can Investors Do Now?” Our Sebastian Vanderzeil and Craig Metrick were joined by William Page, portfolio manager at Essex Investment Management, for a discussion centering on:

  • Climate realities and responses
  • The transition to clean power
  • Infrastructure and environmental investing
  • Different approaches and asset classes available for tacking the issues

Cornerstone Capital Investment Advisory (CCIA)  Chief Investment Officer Phil Kirshman lent his insights into investment performance, and CCIA Managing Director Jan Morgan fielded questions from attendees.

The genesis of the webinar was a recent Cornerstone research report, “Climate Investing in 2017,” also authored by Sebastian and Craig. The report addresses the imperative for an effective response to climate change following the hottest year on record. The team writes, “Climate investing faces risks in 2017, particularly from the incoming US administration, but nuanced opportunities exist for positive environmental and social impact coupled with attractive potential returns.”