NEW YORK – October 16, 2018 Cornerstone Capital Group (“Cornerstone”), a registered investment advisor that pursues financial returns alongside social impact by incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis into portfolio design, today announced the release of a new report, Creativity & The Arts: An Emerging Impact Investing Theme. The report offers a window into the rich array of opportunities to make meaningful, profitable investments that foster economic empowerment for individuals and communities.

Written in collaboration with impact investors, artists, curators, foundation leaders, grantmakers, and professors, the report provides investors with a roadmap for investing directly in the individuals and communities that make creative enterprises possible.  By investing in creativity and the arts, investors can contribute to sustainable innovation that nurtures talent, empowers communities and brings diversity of thought to the market.


“Not only is creativity essential for economic development, but there are many other compelling reasons to consider creativity and the arts as an investment theme,” said Erika Karp, Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Capital Group. As noted by report contributors, reasons include:


  • Investing in the “creative economy” is one way to counter the negative effects of widening income and wealth inequality and opportunity gaps, that have resulted from the “knowledge economy.”
  • Creative enterprises offer an on-ramp to wealth-building for entrepreneurs including women, people of color, and others who benefit from lower barriers to entry to a sector of the economy more interested in merit than advanced degrees.
  • For foundations and endowments, in particular, eliminating the “artificial distinctions” that have long governed arts funding unleashes enormous opportunity to drive economic growth and employment through coherent, broad-based strategies to invest in this space.


To download the report, visit: Creativity & The Arts: An Emerging Impact Investing Theme