Denver, CO, June 8, 2017: Cornerstone Capital Group is pleased to announce the release of the Colorado Impact Report: A Web of Place-Based Impact Investing and Community Wealth-Building Opportunities.

This new report, co-produced by Cornerstone Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, Phil Kirshman, and Katherine Pease of KP Advisors (who will join the Cornerstone Capital team as Director of Impact Investing in early July), features essays from 15 Colorado impact investors, foundations, and community wealth-building leaders who are helping in the effort to make Colorado more inclusive and equitable for all.

The goal of the Colorado Impact Report is to “show aspiring participants in the field of impact investing ways to get involved, or deepen their involvement, by sharing the examples of modern-day pioneers in Colorado,” said Phil Kirshman.

Katherine Pease added, “The array of companies and organizations that are profiled in this report represent an increasingly sophisticated ecosystem of actors who are committed to impact investing and community wealth building in Colorado. We hope that these examples inspire others in Colorado and across the country to work together to advance this important work.”

And as Cornerstone Founder and CEO Erika Karp wrote in her introduction to the report, “At this moment in time, it is particularly important to leverage the wisdom and pragmatism demonstrated by leaders in every part of the investment ecosystem so that we can face the economic imperatives and opportunities at hand.”


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