This month in the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), we consider the extent to which the global markets have been able to absorb the cross-currents of macro, micro and structural factors with a good deal of resilience. In addition, we pay very special attention to “natural capital” this month by highlighting the value of the world’s forests and ways in which the capital markets can facilitate their protection.

This month we include articles such as:

The Makings of a Market Correction? by Michael Geraghty

But Not a Drop for Energy? by Cindy Motz

Sunshine in the Garden State by Richard Bookbinder

The Real Value of the Rainforest by Margarita Pirovska PhD

PRI: Focus on Farmland by Titia Sjenitzer

Constructive Dialogue Bears Fruit by Lauren Compere

A Call to Action by James Hulse

Applying The Rainforest Standard to the World’s Forests by James Warfield, Walter Behr & Don Melnick

The “China Dream” by Lionel Vairon

Accounting for Timber – Lack of Convergence Illustrates the Differences between Historical Cost & Fair Value Accounting by Janet Pegg

Nestlé: Leading Co. in Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation by Javeira Charad

PureCircle: Replacing Nutritive Sweeteners with PureCircle Stevia to Make a Positive Impact on Carbon by Ajay Chandran

Fibria: A Leader in Sustainability by Marcelo Castelli

Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance, February 2014