This month in the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), in considering the design of business models and practices, we move from virtual reality to the actual reality facing global investors. These realities include the necessity of banks in the US to have enough capital strength to pass Fed Stress tests,  the imperative of dealing with oil spills like that in the Galveston Bay taking a terrible ecological and commercial toll,  and the critical steps taken by General Motors to address its current crisis relating to vehicle safety.  

This month we include articles such as:

Arbiters of Cool by Erika Karp
Defining Crises: Catalyzing Sustainable Growth by Michael Geraghty and Michael Shavel, CFA
Biomimicry: Turning to Nature’s R&D Department to Increase Productivity by Michael Shavel, CFA
The Nature of Investing by Katherine Collins
Sustainable Fashion Design – Could Green be the New Black by Cindy Motz
Sustainability Becomes Fashionable with INDIGENOUS Fair Trace Tool™ by Matthew Reynolds
Private Investors Exploring Emerging Asset Classes by Hazel Henderson
Design to Serve the Changing Needs of the Reasonable Investor by Dr. Jean Rogers
ESG & Credit Risk: New Study Demonstrates a Clear Link by Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon and Nicole Neghaiwi
BMW Urban Mobility Re-Creating the Status Quo through Sustainable Design by Juan Lois
From Luxury to Biomaterials – Stories of Sustainable Packaging by Margarita Pirovska
E-Cigarettes. A Positive Disruption to the Market and Health or Distraction? by Dr. Derek Yach
Lack of R&D Tax Credit Will Complicate First Quarter Earnings by Janet Pegg