Cornerstone Capital  hosted a launch party Oct. 28th for its newest division, Cornerstone Capital Investment Management (CCIM), at The Alliance Center in Denver. The event featured Cornerstone Capital Inc.’s Founder and CEO Erika Karp, former Governor Bill Ritter, and Blackstone Entrepreneur Network CEO, JB Holston, who also serves on Cornerstone’s Global Advisory Council. Guests included many of the leading voices of sustainability as well as mainstream investors in Colorado, who shared thoughts about ESG factors, transparency and collaboration in reporting. A short presentation featured a conversation about sustainability as a driver of economic value and the need for investors to understand the relationships between public policy and actions in the private sector. “I am here because Cornerstone gets it!” said Gov. Ritter to the assembled guests.Cornerstone, which was one of the earliest for-profit tenants at The Alliance Center, works closely with institutions, private companies, foundations, family offices, trustees, and directly with families to plan, strategize, implement and provide continuous reporting on sustainable investment strategies and initiatives. Phil Kirshman and Craig Metrick lead the firm’s operations in Denver.