NEW YORKJan. 8, 2020Cornerstone Capital Group (“Cornerstone”), an SEC registered investment advisor whose mission is to help investors achieve targeted environmental and social impact goals without sacrificing investment performance, today announced that Erika Karp, its Founder and CEO, will be participating at two events in Davos, Switzerland.

The first event is a roundtable discussion hosted by the World Benchmarking Alliance at the Seehof Hotel on Thursday, January 23. Karp will be discussing systematic change – why it’s needed, the barriers and opportunities to change, and how data for accountability factors into the equation.

Karp will also participate in the Green Debate at the Seehof Hotel on January 23. She will be joined by Ibrahim Al Husseini, CEO of Full Cycle; Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever; Thimo V. Schmitt, Director of CSR Europe at Aurora; Paula Schwarz, Foundrice of Cloud Nation; Antje Biber, Head of SDG Office at FERI Gruppe; and Philippe Bertherat, Former Managing Partner at Pictet.

Following the panel, Cornerstone is co-hosting the Gala Reception from 7-9 p.m. CET, where top forward-thinking executives and CEOs who share a common interest in practical solutions for sustainable business, development and SDGs will gather and network.

“I am extremely pleased to be speaking about sustainability to such a prestigious global audience as we continue to develop strategies to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of the world,” said Erika Karp, Founder and CEO of Cornerstone. “At Cornerstone, we firmly believe that impact investing can lead to a more sustainable and inclusive global economy. I am thrilled for the opportunity to help inspire a dramatic shift in the mindset of how we deploy capital toward sustainable economic growth.”