As the Federal Reserve deftly orchestrated a short-term rate rise for the first time in nearly a decade, there is less clarity on the pace of the normalization ahead. Clearly, both Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi have articulated that progress will be predicated upon the health of their respective economies.  And so in this month’s edition of the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), we turn our attention to HEALTH more explicitly – looking at the efforts of businesses to promote sustainable growth and development “Through a Health Lens.”

  • This edition features a number of distinguished “Corporate Voices” – CEOs and other senior executives from an array of companies and industries – discussing ways in which their firms are incorporating the ethos of “doing good while doing well,” from employee-focused programs to consumer-oriented initiatives.
  • We look ahead to 2016 with the aspiration that it will be a year characterized by an accelerating pace of transformation.  And in recent weeks there does seem to be some measure of convergence in views around the need to address the shared challenges to society.
  • The agreement out of COP21 in Paris, while imperfect, is certainly a sign of progress to that end.  We include a quick summary of that achievement alongside Cornerstone’s stated “Principles of Corporate Engagement,” recently ratified by our Board of Directors.  We believe that true collaboration among all stakeholders, and the private sector in particular, is the linchpin which will lead the global economy to a trajectory of sustainable growth and development.

Highlights from the December issue:

Paris Agreement: Validates National and Local Actions
By Sebastian Vanderzeil  

Our Principles of Corporate Engagement
By Erika Karp, John Wilson & the Board of Directors

Regional and Sector Strategy: Monthly Update
By Michael Geraghty 

Global Earnings Synthesis
By Michael Geraghty

Tracking Our Thesis on Automation in Restaurants
Michael Shavel and Andy Zheng

Placement Power: How Tesco Is Helping Curb Customers’ Sweet Tooth
By Rebecca Shelley, Tesco 

Novo Nordisk: Rethinking the Challenge of Diabetes
By Charlotte Ersbøll, Novo Nordisk A/S 

A Vision for Innovative Health Care Delivery
By Bobby Prasad, The Abraaj Group

How Life Insurers Can Support Healthy Living
By Brooks E. Tingle, John Hancock Insurance 

Healthy Heart Africa: A Business Plan for Tackling NCDs
By Mark Mallon, AstraZeneca

Health, Happiness, Performance: Formula for Success
By Paul Polman, Unilever 

Doing Right, While Doing Well: The SDG Opportunity
By Scott C. Ratzan, MD, MPA, Anheuser-Busch InBev 

A Model for Collaboration
By Steve Hilton, McDonald’s Corporation & Anne Ferree, Alliance for a Healthier Generation 

Transforming Tobacco
By André Calantzopoulos, Philip Morris International 

“Wellness”: More than Healthcare Dollars Saved
By Ken Mehlman, KKR 

American Voices on Health & Wellness
By Kimberly Gladman, PhD, CFA, JUST Capital Foundation


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