For Companies

Cornerstone Capital Group’s corporate advisory services systematically integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into both our strategic and tactical recommendations. We believe these specific corporate performance metrics drive long-term financial returns. We help you:

Understand your current position

Benchmark existing company sustainability and governance disclosures from a capital markets perspective, as the basis for prioritizing issues your company may want to address or enhancements to strategy.

Identify challenges and opportunities that may become material

Help you anticipate ESG issues likely to become material for investors, providing a valuable input to strategic planning.

Conduct a custom project to yield predictive insight

Conduct thematic research to integrate ESG into portfolio/investment management.

Facilitate executive engagement on strategic opportunities and challenges

Provide customized service to build ESG capacity at the corporate leadership level, engaging the long experience of our most senior executives. This can include speaking engagements for internal or client-facing conferences.

Engage in strategic investing

Develop and implement sustainable and impact investing strategies to drive corporate “impact investing” or philanthropic goals, factoring in relevant issues for that industry or region.

Raise capital

Facilitate client capital raising by highlighting your company’s impact and sustainability strategies, leveraging our ability to help companies extract what’s most relevant to investors; for more established companies,we expand reach to sustainability audiences.