For Investors

Global Perspectives

Cornerstone Capital Group is uniquely positioned to bridge mainstream capital markets to the disciplines of Sustainable Investing and Finance, Socially Responsible Investing, and the Impact Investing community.  Our experts offer enhanced analytical capabilities in Global Sector Research, Corporate Governance & Engagement and Valuation and Accounting.

Achieve a Competitive Edge

Our unparalleled institutional investment heritage allows for an optimal understanding of the investment processes of asset management strategies.  Cornerstone Capital Group helps investors to analyze the extent to which long-term business models and investment practices can simultaneously achieve competitive financial, environmental and social returns on capital.

Advisory & Consultations

We provide consultations, advice and presentations for Asset Owners, Asset Managers and Investment Banks and their clients seeking to more systematically integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into their investment products and services.

Access to the Cornerstone Global Advisory Council

We offer access to the right experts to allow you to make more informed decisions across the functions of the capital markets and the ESG community. The Cornerstone Global Advisory Council brings together 1,000+ years of insight and is intent upon furthering global economic growth and prosperity.

Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & BankingSM

Our flagship publication, “The Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking,SM” brings you insight from leading experts in the field of sustainable finance. The Journal highlights the best practices, policies and tools Corporate Excellence and Sustainability, Corporate Governance, Valuation & Accounting, Global Sector Research, Regional Imperatives, Enhanced Analytics and other pivotal topics in the field of sustainable finance.

Speaking Engagements

As a global voice for sustainable finance, Erika presents and writes extensively on topics including corporate strategy and business models, transparency and excellence in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance performance. She is able to articulate the global macroeconomic imperatives for sustainable finance and capitalism, and its relevance for you and your clients.