I teach Self Mastery—honing the power of one’s mind and heart in order to dynamically enrich the experience of living. In my work I witness how unity, consciousness and creativity effectively amplify one’s ability to create great impact in the world.  In teaching Self Mastery, I utilize creativity in a variety of dynamic ways to facilitate both the rapid imparting of complex non-linear knowledge and its integration and application in real life. As an artist and a graduate of the UBC Sauder School of Business, and after spending five years leading strategic partnerships for a Fortune 500 company,  I have merged the tools of creativity, leadership and science into the contemporary path of “en-light-enment” I share—literally, helping others learn to “live light.” In acting as a catalyst for the expansion of one’s consciousness, I observe with delight in the acceleration of blossoming creativity, the flow of inspiration, and insights for innovation that result directly from shifts in self-awareness.

For context, I define the creative economy to include all of the arts and their connecting vehicles and ventures along with food and wine, fashion, philosophy, architecture, and industrial, landscape and interior design. I also include the areas of innovative education across the spectrum of creativity and consciousness, as they empower the creation of new paradigms of thought, innovation and leadership.

Visual Methodology and Right Brain Training

In order to effectively communicate non-linear concepts and have those ideas be understood within the context of a much larger map of knowledge that we cover piece-by- piece, I create a visual, symbolic iconography and methodology of simple line images and maps to allow the mind to contextualize as we add in new layers. I draw these in real time as I speak and also distribute polished maps for reference. To follow this extemporaneous stream of consciousness and reframe, one must truly exercise their right brain. In strengthening our mind in this way our imagination is also stretched, we improve whole brain thinking and one’s ingenuity increases.

Presence Practice—Meditation, Leisure and Creativity

Self Mastery requires being in a place of stillness within the mind, to be in the still point of the here-and-now moment, releasing projections of past and future. It is here, just beyond word and thought, where we can experience the realization of our nature as the light of consciousness itself.  When we are relaxing, participating in or enjoying something creative, we let go and allow an open, blank mindscape, creating a receptive space where new insights can be observed, epiphanies arise and inspired genius flourishes! Authentic expression, infinite intelligence and creative flow exist in this surrender of linear thought.

David Lynch articulated this very well in his book Catching the Big Fish, in which he connects his experiences with meditation and consciousness with its results on creativity. In sharing immersive art therapy experiences such as expressive painting with both hands and tabula rasa writing with those who wish to dive deeper into the creative process, I observe amazing improvements in one’s overall ability to release self judgement and be more fearlessly authentic.

Joy, Fun and Permission to Play = Perspective

The perspective of one’s consciousness is directly tied to one’s vibration. Having fun, playing and being in joy raises our vibration, expands our consciousness and thus shifts our view of life. Einstein said: “creativity is intelligence having fun,” and I certainly agree with him. In a report created by the nonprofit Business / Arts and strategy and innovation firm LaPlaca Cohen, “having fun”, “reducing stress” and  “feeling inspired” were also cited as the top motivators for cultural participation[1]. The key is that the experiences of joy, harmony and peace are only ever possible in the now. Clients find this provides a profound elevation of clarity, intuition and inspiration, enabling them to see solutions and opportunities that they couldn’t before from a more constricted vantage point.

Unlocking the Potential for Impact

In having the honor and privilege of working with and empowering noble, caring and “outside the box” clients including award-winning leaders, visionary impact and angel investors, philanthropists, and conscious entrepreneurs to actualize their vision of limitless creativity as it is applied to their lives in leadership and service to others, I see the creative economy as a powerful opportunity for entrepreneurship and creative genius to converge, thrive and impact the globe for the benefit of all, while also being profitable.

In sharing “The Art of Living Light,” as I like to call it, I apply the analogy of life as a blank canvas, available for infinite expression and experience. By taking the approach of the artist, architect or writer one can take the reins of self-responsibility, re-invent oneself and create the intentional trajectory of life with a sense of freedom. Together we undertake an incredibly creative process; by removing any perceived limitations, over time clarity emerges for curating one’s unique equation of intentional balance, beauty and legacy.

As we harmonize the mental, physical and emotional bodies, one’s ability to efficiently create that which they focus upon becomes amplified. Ultimately clients are able to live in a state of creative flow day to day, navigating and making decisions more intuitively while attracting ideal opportunities and synergistic relationships.

Integrating the beneficial effects of Self Mastery, creativity and joy into one’s life unlocks the potential to create impact more broadly. For example, one visionary client is focused on the upliftment of consciousness globally and is funding architectural and artistic projects of massive proportion around the world along with facilitating the publication of my upcoming book. Others are launching innovative businesses within the wine industry and investing in leading edge technology merging with the fashion industry. I am inspired by something Brunello Cucinelli once said, “I feel responsible for the beauty I create in the world.” [2] I adore how he uses his brand to implement a humanistic enterprise and share powerfully wise messages.

Suggestions for Investors

I truly see no limit to the profitable opportunities within the creative economy. Meow Wolf is a great example of how a collaboration of artists, creative visionaries and viable real estate investment offer experiential havens at a profit. I see affordable and flexible loans as one effective way to enable the actualization of projects and still have financial returns. Many truly incredible emerging creative geniuses in the world live in their own world, prolifically creating. These individuals and the world would benefit exponentially from business partnerships and support systems.

Institutions are now mandating initiatives to increase exposure of emerging artists’ messages, enabling contemporary Picassos to be marketable during their lifetime. Perhaps becoming a patron of a particular artist or creative mind by promoting their career through one’s influential network, connecting them with brands or mentors and taking a percentage of profits for a specified timeframe, or arranging for commissions for a percentage of sales are intimate options.

Maybe investing in real estate to enable new venues, projects or interdisciplinary think tanks for creativity to be actualized excites you. Establishing creativity-centric communities with live/work studios and enacting anti-gentrification zoning safeguards is also a worthwhile initiative. The world’s parents are calling for opportunities for creative thinking in education, which is correlated with making great leaders. There are infinite opportunities for online education platforms and or the creation of experiential retreat centers to provide creativity and consciousness education along with art therapies for well-being at any age.

As the leaders, visionaries and creators of our globe’s future, the creative economy holds a vast opportunity for sustainable social impact and a richly beautiful, conscious world!

This is an excerpt from Cornerstone Capital’s report Creativity & The Arts: An Emerging Impact Investing Theme.

[1] http://www.businessandarts.org/culturetrack/

[2] http://www.brunellocucinelli.com/en/my-creed.html