Financial Advisor, December 5: To get a better understanding of what is happening between the hype, biases, inaccuracies and any substantive change going on, the Institute for Innovation Development decided to reach out to a cross-section of socially responsive asset managers—from ESG to impact to focused thematic strategies—and get their real world, in-the-trenches perspective and thought leadership. We would like to thank Ultimus Fund Solutions—one of the largest independent fund administrators—who provided introductions to some of their socially responsive asset manager clients and that has created fund vehicles for all of them to enable more access for investors to socially driven investment options.

Let me introduce you to our panel and then we will jump into getting a true lay of the land from the following experts in this field:

Erika Karp, Founder & CEO, Cornerstone Capital Group—a New York City-based investment advisory firm whose mission is to build and support the field of sustainable and impact investing for values-based investors.

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