We are pleased to publish the Colorado Impact Report: A web of place-based impact investing and community wealth-building opportunities.

We have been privileged to work with the exceptional individuals who have made this report possible. At this moment in time, it is particularly important to leverage the wisdom and pragmatism demonstrated by leaders in every part of the investment ecosystem so that we can face the economic imperatives and opportunities at hand.

From philanthropy, to impact investing, to the vast mainstream of the capital markets, there need be no distinction when it comes to the powerful deployment of capital on the right side of history.  Right now, as we view a stunning abdication of American leadership in the transition to a low carbon economy, it is all the more important to come together for social impact at scale.  The prism through which we see the world can either clarify or distort our view. We choose the former.  And, in doing so we take wisdom from the world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, who said, “The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”

And with these possibilities, and as our colleague Katherine Pease states in this report, we recognize that a new and powerful social and economic paradigm is upon us.  This paradigm will allow us to capture the economic future with solutions for energy, education, healthcare, nutrition, water, infrastructure, communications and so many more sectors.  This paradigm is one driven by common sense, economics and science. It is based upon the solidarity of the coalition of the willing and the brave.

It is the brave who have contributed to this report. It is those leaders from philanthropy, entrepreneurship and business, from finance, academia and the public sector, who are offering the solutions for a better world. We are pleased to support this effort to present Colorado’s impact investors to new audiences, in Colorado and beyond.

Note: Individual contributions to this report are available as separate posts.