We recently held a video panel discussion with experts in the field of education and educational technology, to further explore the topic we first raised in our report Investing in the Future of Work. The Cornerstone team was joined by:

  • Susan Cates: Susan is a partner at Leeds Equity Partners. Susan has over 25 years of experience in investment banking, private equity and education leadership. Prior to joining Leeds Equity, Susan was Chief Operating Officer at 2U, Inc., an educational technology company that contracts with universities to offer online degree programs, where she oversaw all product and service delivery operations.
  • Sam Caucci: Sam is the CEO and Founder of 1HUDDLE, a workforce training platform using game technology to help organizations better prepare their people for work. 1HUDDLE has impacted people across organizations in a wide array of sectors. Applying an innovative approach to preparing people for the workforce, Sam oversaw the creation of the training game platform, the first game-based platform that transforms the way organizations onboard, train and develop their team members.
  • Josh Cohen: Josh is the Founder of City Light, an early-stage investment firm committed to tackling education for underserved communities, the global climate crises, and keeping families safe. Before founding City Light, Josh led direct investments for a family office, worked in venture capital, was a partner in a private debt fund, and was the Director of Business Development for Mobility Electronics. Josh co-founded (and is a Board member of) The ImPact, a member network whose mission is to inspire families to make impact investments more effectively.

The discussion centered on the need for ongoing, lifelong learning, and the different forms that may need to take in order to better enable the workforce of tomorrow (and today, in fact) to better adapt as technology changes and new skills become key to success.