Investment Philosophy


Our Investment Management team has a heritage of working with institutions, individuals, family offices, foundations and trustees to plan, strategize, implement and provide continuous reporting on sustainable investing strategies. We are dedicated to mainstreaming the discipline of sustainable finance – systematically integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis into the investment process.

We focus on delivering investment recommendations targeting market-benchmarked financial returns, while also incorporating our clients’ impact investment goals.

The firm strives to offer the highest levels of critical ethics and integrity across the spectrum of our business activities. Our values are based on transparency and an open architecture, diversity, collaboration and a commitment to our clients.

Leadership & Expertise

The Cornerstone team brings expertise in blending traditional financial with ESG analytics, and implements this for clients in customized, strategic portfolio construction.

Research & Culture

Our heritage is research. The investment process starts with proprietary research and we understand the value that consistent implementation of good governance brings to investment returns.

Value Aligned Solutions

At Cornerstone, we strive to deliver an innovative approach to investment strategies and solutions that balance your individual goals with broad economic and market considerations. We firmly believe that by identifying material environmental, social and governance factors that guide investment choices, we can help you better manage your returns.

Open Architecture

Clients have access to an open investment solutions platform. We seek best-in-class solutions across asset classes, and are open to working with most service providers. We do not offer proprietary funds and we do not accept sales commissions or finders’ fees.

Customized Reporting

Meaningful information is critical to managing your investments. Our interactive reporting platform provides you with customized ESG metrics as well as the necessary tools to incorporate all of your assets across multiple custodians.

Global Orientation

We focus on opportunities in both developed and emerging markets - looking at the global interconnectedness of business and investment opportunity.