Investment Services


Cornerstone Capital Investment Management (CCIM), seeks to provide our clients with objective guidance and a systematic approach to generating competitive investment returns guided by our clients’ own vision around societal impact.

Our team has a heritage of working with institutions, individuals, family office, foundations, and trustees. We work with our clients to develop and manage a customized investment strategy aligned to their financial and values-based objectives. Our robust reporting platform provides our clients with the tools needed to access their portfolio and manage their strategy.

Global Investment Research

Our investment process starts with extensive research and analytics by a team that brings decades of experience in the financial markets and ESG materiality. We focus on global sector research, corporate governance, thematic value drivers, valuation and accounting and enhanced analytics.

The research team supports our investment selection criteria and manager review process, helping to implement sustainable investment principles and mandates.

A Proprietary Approach to Manager Selection

A team of specialized experts dedicated to ensuring that manager selection meets financial criteria, tailored to your sustainable investment strategies. Our evaluation tools for scoring managers on their financial and ESG metrics take into account client preferences in a variety of ways. These include relative weighting of financial and impact orientation of the portfolio and consideration of the specific impact strategies the client intends to deploy.


Our client relationship managers and wealth advisors are focused on your needs. We begin with a discovery process to learn more about your investment goals, legacy and tax considerations and tolerance for risk. Our objective is to make the implementation of your investment plan as seamless and straightforward as possible, with a commitment to the security of your assets.

We stress communication, stewardship and transparency in all aspects of our client relationships to meet your goals for today — and beyond.

Cornerstone Portfolio Solutions

Once our due diligence process is complete, we place selected performers onto our proprietary manager platform. Cornerstone Portfolio Solutions (CPS) offers investment solutions across major and certain thematic asset classes and considers a variety of strategies within certain asset classes, all intended to deliver our clients an end-to-end portfolio solutions suite.

We streamline our clients’ ability to efficiently access the information they need to make the important decisions that speak to their vision and goals.