In this month’s “Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking” (JSFB) we focus on “Transparency.” We begin by examining Transparency as it relates to the banking sector, with articles on physical commodity markets, the notion of “legitimacy” in banking and ultimately, a framework for a new industry ‘scorecard’. On the “S” front, we consider the prevailing costs to society of income inequality and help calculate “social costs” to businesses in performing sector analysis.  From the corporates’ view, we learn about water conservation policies in France, novel approaches to linking executive pay to sustainability targets at Pirelli, boosting efficiency in technology and lowering carbon emissions from HP, along with a blueprint for raising healthier kids from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.  We summon history for inspiration at Levi Strauss & Co. and look to those venturing in responsible investment strategies;  those who are bringing more transparency to supply chain management and teaching impact investors how to realize fresh opportunities at scale.


How Transparency Drives Sustainable Business,  By Margarita Pirovska

Transparency & Physical Commodity Markets, By Julie Lerner

Russia’s Shift Toward the East, By Lionel Vairon

New Ideas on Water from Lyonnaise des Eaux, By Joëlle de Villeneuve

Pirelli: A Story of ESG Integration & Perfomance, By Filippo Bettini and Eleonora Giada Pessina

HP: Building the New Low-Carbon Economy, By Nate Hurst

Historical Transparency: Learning from Heritage at Levi Strauss & Co, By Tracey Panek

Investing in Better Health: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC, By Kathy Higgins

Transparency in Banking –  Delivering a Sustainable Banking Scorecard,
By David Korslund

Bringing Transparency to Social Impact Networks at Scale, By Anne Sherman and Toni La Belle

“The Integrated Reporting Movement,” By Margarita Pirovska

A Fresh Spotlight on Responsible Investment Practices, By Cécile Churet

Putting Transparency in Context to Mitigate Risk, By James Fava, Heather Gadonniex and Josh Hendry

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