Can economic transformation occur from within the world’s public and private institutions?  And if so, can it occur at a pace that will support more robust global growth? We ask these questions in this month’s Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), which explores the theme of “Transformation.”

With global economies under pressure from market forces and any number of geopolitical factors, we need healthy public/private partnerships to avoid paralysis and foster necessary change.  In this edition’s Regional Imperatives section, contributor Carolyn Trabuco writes of the ongoing political crisis between “Old and New Brazil” as a battle to overcome a climate of corruption to restore stability. Next, Dr. Lionel Vairon shares his wealth of knowledge about long-term broadening of China’s economic relationships. And in the US, urban revitalization expert Majora Carter argues for “talent retention” as a key element in the transformation of “low-status” communities.

Thoughtful consideration of the potential impacts of transformation is also key to success. We offer an assessment of some innovative health care technology and how researchers have developed fresh metrics to help companies measure the impact of initiatives to support employee well-being.  And we share work from Cornerstone looking at the power of transformation through “impact entrepreneurship” and how “ethnodiversity” is an important, if threatened, piece of responsible investment.

Highlights from the April issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: April Update
By Michael Geraghty  

Revisiting the “Sharing Economy:” Business Model Opportunities and Risks
By John Wilson, Margarita Pirovska and Michael Shavel

Impact Entrepreneurship – “
By Erika Karp The Wealth of Nations
By Margarita Pirovska, PhD  

New Brazil versus Old Brazil – The World Awaits
By Carolyn Trabuco, Azul Linhas Aereas  

Communities as Corporations: Talent Retention in Low-Status America
By Majora Carter, MCG Consulting  

One Belt, One Road: A Chinese Initiative to Transform the World
By Dr. Lionel Vairon, CEC Consulting, Luxembourg and ELYSHA Business Consulting, Tunisia  

Responsible Innovation for Health Technology
By Gillian Christie, The Vitality Group; Kevin Patrick, University of California, San Diego
and Chris Calitz, American Heart Association  

Being Yourself without Losing Yourself
By Karissa Thacker, Strategic Performance Solutions  

Well-Being Is Taking Business for a Run
By Eileen McNeely, RN, C., M.S., PhD, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health  

The Responsibilities of Asset Owners
By Catherine Jackson, Independent Consultant  

Transformational Language
By Erika Karp  

Virtual Attendance: “BNEF – The Future of Energy Conference”
By Michael Shavel and Sebastian Vanderzeil  

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