In this edition of the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), we highlight ideas that foster “Leadership & Learning.” Leadership is a process of continually absorbing information and transforming it with strategic and tactical clarity. The commitment of business leaders, from the Board room through operations, in understanding their vital role in innovating for the future is highlighted by the work of groups like the CECP, the GLOBE Summit, and the UN Global Compact, each of which hosted important events this month. While we are still falling short of global goals ensuring access to broadband, affordable energy, clean water, healthcare and education, we saw some encouraging progress in Paris as we move towards a low-carbon future. As our contributor Robert Lamb notes, “Demand is moving up, supply is catching up, and policy is lagging behind.” Each sector of the global marketplace must play their part – investors, policy makers, researchers, activists and consumers.

It’s a good blueprint, in fact, for initiatives that will require greater corporate responsibility, cross-disciplinary innovation and public-private partnerships, whether that focus is on maximizing “sustainable/impact” investing vehicles, finding alternatives to prison building or employing more veterans. And so in this issue we feature ways to conceptualize, develop and implement effective corporate sustainability (aka excellence) programs based on an understanding of both the moral and business case. This is the work of impact entrepreneurship. And this “learning agility” – the ability to take each experience, learn from it, and apply those learnings to new experiences – is the hallmark of a leader.

Highlights from the March issue:

Regional and Sector Strategy: February and March Updates
Michael Geraghty 

Country Valuation: An ESG Synthesis
Michael Geraghty

Global Earnings Synthesis: On Track for Modest Gains in 2016
Michael Geraghty

Antibiotics & Animal Health: Tracking our Thesis on Nutritional Feed Additives
Sebastian Vanderzeil, Michael Shavel 

Supreme Court Ruling Highlights Clean Power Plan’s Potential
Sebastian Vanderzeil
Erika Karp 

Sustainable Sweden: Innovation and Investments Grow a Small Giant in the North
Vivianne Gillman, Sweden Trade Commission, and
Maria Mähl, Clinton Global Initiative 

The Power of Responsibility – Making Sense of the UN Global Compact
Daniel Malan, PhD, University of Stellenbosch

The Monetization of Misery
Glenn E. Martin, JustLeadershipUSA 

Investing Together: Creating Investment Opportunities for Generation Selfie
Avi Deutsch, LAVAN 

Unlocking the Closet: The Economic Imperatives Driving Multinationals
to Create LGBT-Inclusive Workplaces
Todd Sears, Out Leadership 

What the Investment Sector Can Learn from the Agility of Veterans
Randy Manner, Korn Ferry Hay Group 

GLOBE Week 2016: Leaders of the New Economy
Robert D. Lamb, PhD, US Army War College   


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