This month in the Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking (JSFB), we take an in-depth look into the world of “Entrepreneurship.”  We celebrate the creative, inspired and dauntless innovators who have the potential to drive disruptive change across industry sectors, and even entire markets. We start with the Cornerstone research team examining drivers of job creation and consider the establishment of rules around crowd funding to validate that practice as a viable investment and capital formation tool.

Join us as featured voices from leading private sector companies – eBay’s Lauren Moore, Ben & Jerry’s Jostein Solheim and Michael Fuerst of Novartis – share their tales of innovation, open source excellence and progress that are shaping large enterprises.  And learn how up-and-comers saving farmlands, improving supply chains and incentivizing “positive impact” behaviors, are seeking to become the sustainable standouts of tomorrow.


Introducing the Cornerstone Capital Global Sector Strategy, by Michael Geraghty

Financial Impediments to Job Creation by Start-Ups and Small Firms, by Michael Geraghty

Good Governance: A Cornerstone of Entrepreneurism, by John Wilson

Follow the Leader, Follow the Money…, by Cindy Motz

Making the Case for Crowdfunding Rules, by Janet Pegg

The Other Revolution: The Global Entrepreneurship Revolution, by Shelly Porges

The Work of an Entrepreneur: Dream Maker – Dream Killer, by David Lubin

Where Angels Fear to Tread: Entrepreneurs Rush In, But Investors Don’t, by Robert Lamb and Sadika Hameed

MingJian, Testing for Safe Quality Products in China, by James Feldkamp

“Exit Left:” A Reflection about VC Investing & Entrepreneurship, by Camillo Sicherle

Creating an Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship to Drive Business and Social Value, by Lauren Moore

Fans, Flavors and Failure: Innovation from Cow to Cone, by Jostein Solheim

Why Compliance Programs Work Like Pushing a Rope…, by Dan Ostergaard, Dr. Michael Fuerst

Going Deep: Measurement Systems at the Product Level, by Kara Hurst

Where Should “Human Capital” Fit in the Sustainability Agenda?, by Dr. Laurie Bassi

Reimagining Impact, Reimagining ROI, by Bob Harrison and Bulbul Gupta

PIP’n Good, by Wendy Gordon

“I Bought the Farm!”, by Jennifer Grossman

Warby Parker, by Michael Shavel

Ceres Conference 2014, by Tanya Khotin

Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking – May 2014